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Help Your beloved fur baby 

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The BEST way for cats to 

Sit, sleep, Hide or play!

Cat Cave


A versatile, Tunnel-Cave-Bed that keeps up with ALL your cats!

Let them curl up, rough-house or hide away in their 3-in-1 cat retreat! Tough enough to be a scratching post, comfy enough for cat naps. With a roomy 20in x 7in x 8in build (diameter, tunnel width & height) even the chunkiest fur baby fits!

Spacious & Customizable

For Endless Enjoyment!

Choose from variety of set ups to meet all your cat(s) needs! Unzip fully for a couple of day beds & extra space, stack up multiple for furry high rise apartments or simply place it in their existing kitty kingdom to mix it up!

Pawesome™ Cat Cave
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Built to last, Pawesome Caves won't rip, shred or tear with even the most ferocious felines! Engineered w/ a sturdy inner mold to support multiple cats (up to 25lbs+) in & on it without collapsing on them.

Safe & Quiet

Help reduce their anxiety, improve their behavior and elevate their mood all in one place! Give them a cozy, comforting haven that dampens loud noises, letting them get away from it all & enjoy their solitude. 

Easy to Maintain

Designed to give easy access in seconds for spot clean with a damp cloth or sponge. Plus, it's premium fabric material not only withstands all their clawing & scratching, it's stain resistant!

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